IHOP Fans Are Thrilled With Darius Rucker. Here's Why

Who doesn't like pancakes from an old favorite like IHOP? The brand has managed to retain its popularity over the years, thanks to its unique brand personality. According to Mental Floss, the brand's founders worked hard on making sure that its pancake recipe was top-notch before introducing it to their customers. The brand continues to be a fan-favorite among customers for its breakfast offerings, as well as other menu options.

Also, in truly exciting news, IHOP fans got a chance to devour meals from the eatery for free recently. All thanks to musician and star Darius Rucker. No kidding! According to a report by PeopleRucker decided to pop in and spread smiles with a small gesture that left many fans and foodies delighted. Not only did he make his fellow diners happy, he also managed to appeal to the staff members at the restaurant with his kind gesture. Here is exactly what went down.

Darius Rucker was feeling extra generous at IHOP

So, what went down? According to People, Darius Rucker paid a visit to an IHOP outlet in South Carolina and decided to give all of the diners an unexpected gift. Basically, he paid for all their meals. Truly. Rucker also made sure that he heavily tipped the servers at the eatery. The outlet's General Manager, Stephen Vitale said, "It was a full restaurant, there were a lot of people. I added it up and he paid (via CBS Affiliate WCSC-TV).

Vitale also said that those who were present were naturally excited and could hardly believe what they were witnessing. Furthermore, Rucker is known to be a fan of the restaurant and he makes it a point to go there at least twice every month. Guess what made things even more interesting? It was the fact that some visitors couldn't quite figure out who Rucker was when he had his mask on. An adorable story, huh?