Costco's Palm Oil-Free Peanut Butter Is Turning Heads

Costco is popular with shoppers for their great deals on quality products, and now they have great news for peanut butter fans. The wholesale supermarket is now selling Wild Friends peanut butter, which boasts all the delicious flavor of classic creamy nut butter without the palm oil often found in it. This peanut butter packs eight grams of healthy protein into each two-tablespoon serving, with no cholesterol, no trans fat, and only two grams of sugar, according to Wild Friends Foods.

This peanut butter is a  real steal at Costco, selling for just $5.99 per two-pack of 16-ounce jars, per @costco_doesitagain, who posted about the new find on Instagram. Many of their followers were excited to head to their local Costco and give this friendly new peanut butter a try. User @floriduhlaura commented, "I love the packaging! So cute lol," while @lalaleana replied, "I hope they sell this at my Costco!" 

From what we've found so far, Costco shoppers who had already gotten the chance to taste the palm oil-free peanut butter had only positive reviews. Follower @eslieewong raved, "This is the BEST peanut butter!!!!" and chimed in, calling the nut butter "Delicious!"

How Wild Friends Peanut Butter may benefit the environment

But this development isn't just great news for Costco shoppers. It is also great news for the environment. Palm tree plantations are one of the leading causes of deforestation in places like Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Growing demand for palm oil has led to the destruction of some of the most biodiverse tropical forests in the world, significantly damaging the habitats of a number of endangered species, including elephants and tigers. Palm oil cultivation also leads to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, soil pollution, and water contamination, and global demand for the product has been rapidly increasing in recent years, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Wild Friends Foods aims to help reduce this demand by creating tasty, nutritious foods made from wholesome ingredients that won't harm the environment. They are also a woman-owned, socially responsible certified B-Corp company, and they even donate one percent of all their proceeds to benefit women and girls through their Fuel Her Future giveback program (via Wild Friends Foods). So purchasing this peanut butter on your next trip to Costco won't just benefit your taste buds or your wallet. It also helps benefit women and girls around the world while helping make the planet a little healthier, too.