Dunkaroos' New Product Will Change The Way You Eat Cookies

'90's kids now have the perfect snack to pair with that Saved by the Bell reboot – Dunkaroos frosting! Betty Crocker wisely cut out the middle man and is now offering frosting straight-up, no cookie needed. The Dunkaroos brand describes the product as "the perfect thing for those of you who can never get enough frosting. Introducing Dunkaroos frosting, available starting in March for a limited time!" (via Instagram). 

In the January 28th announcement, the dunk crew shared the new frosting variety described as vanilla frosting as naturally and artificially flavored with rainbow sprinkles in a 16 oz container (via Best Products). No word yet on which stores will carry this line or how much the container will cost. Fans are more than excited about this product, too, as shown by their social media posts. The reactions are generally full of enthusiastic emojis and exclamation points, but one person got straight to the question the rest of us might have left unsaid: "Is it socially acceptable to eat it straight from the container? Asking for a friend."

It's all about the vanilla frosting with sprinkles

With every new product launch, there are a few holdouts, and one skeptic was quick to chime in, "Soooo this is basically just the rainbow chip with dunkaroos slapped on it" (via Instagram). While the jury may still be out on the new flavor and presentation by this favorite '90s brand, the retro packaging absolutely deserves some applause. The bold squiggles and bright blocky letters alone lend the nostalgic feel of our youth, and we'll be waiting to see if the new frosting tastes the way we remember, too.

For those that aren't buying the frosting-only variety, you can still get the cookie-frosting combo, thanks to Dunkaroos' snack relaunch. Described by the snack makers themselves as the "ultimate staple of '90s lunch table nostalgia," Dunkaroos vanilla cookies with vanilla frosting snack packs are also available (via Betty Crocker).

In addition to the traditional flavor, modern tastes dictate creating a somewhat healthier kid's snack. So now you can get a Go-Gurt-Dunkaroos snack-pack mashup in different flavors, including Cotton Candy and Strawberry (via Best Products). The Vanilla Birthday Cake variety has vanilla cookies with what look like sprinkles and low-fat yogurt for dipping. With so many types available, it seems that only the chocolate version is missing. As '90s Dunkaroos fans, we'll be waiting with bated breath.