Here's What Flavors Are In Jelly Belly's Valentine's Day Box

Jelly Belly candies are like the Cadillac of jelly beans. Made with an exacting consistency, each tiny morsel will reward you with a distinctive flavor. And with the loads of new Valentine-themed Jelly Belly boxes hitting shelves now, we know the flavors will lean towards the red, pink, and white varieties. The catch: Jelly Belly has a whole lot of red, pink, and white flavors. How can you tell what's what? After all, cinnamon is distinctly not cherry and coconut is not marshmallow-flavored.

A red-and-white-themed Jelly box in Canada left Instagrammers thrilled. One lucky shopper said, "If I eat Jelly Beans, I usually like the red ones. So this Valentine's set of Jelly Belly jelly beans has scored a place in my heart!" (via Instagram). What might "red" taste like? Citing Jelly Belly's PR team, Delish reports that these Valentine's Day boxes boast 10 different flavors: Champagne, Strawberry Cheesecake, Very cherry, Chocolate Pudding, Red Apple, Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Jewel Cream, Jewel Bubble Gum, and Cotton Candy. So you've got sugar, spice, and a whole lot of nice. You can even say "I love you with a (very) cherry on top."

But if you're not into popping champagne jelly beans, the brand has other Valentine-themed products on offer.

The many shades of pink and red jelly beans

Jelly Belly has a Love Box that features 4 ounces of Jelly Belly beans in a clear pillbox-style container separated into compartments with letters spelling L-O-V-E across the top (via Jelly Belly). This box features a mix of pink, red, and white that includes the flavors Cinnamon, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Jewel Very Cherry, Red Apple. 

You can also grab the Valentine Mix, a holiday-themed bag featuring 7.5 ounces of pink, red, and white jelly beans in a heart-adorned bag. The flavors featured in this mix are listed as Bubble Gum, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Very Cherry. As you can see, there are definitely some subtle changes between these gift sets and Jelly Belly has more than 50 standard flavors plus special jewel, sour, and Bertie Bott options to mix in. 

It looks like each individual style Valentine box of jelly beans will have a slightly different mix. As bean-lovers ourselves, we simply suggest red candy fans grab them all.