These Pizza Pans At Costco Have People Divided

Costco lover in the Pacific Northwest recently shared that they purchased Nordic Ware pizza pans: "Picked up these 2 – 16in.@nordicwareusa pizza pans for $19.99! Found at the [pin emoji] Tukwila, Wa Warehouse! Made in the USA and of Pure Aluminum!" (via Instagram). The product description on the shelf says the package includes one 16-inch "hot" and one traditional pizza pan.  The so-called Hot Air Crisper pan features a whole bunch of tiny holes for air-crisping pizza crusts while the traditional pan is recommended for evenly heating thicker crusts (via Nordic Ware). They are described as being oven-safe up to 450 degrees.

The set currently sells from the manufacturer for a retail price of $42, so this is certainly a great deal from Costco! Fans of the offer quickly began dreaming of in-home movie nights and talked up the brand quality of Nordic Ware products. Yet when it comes to pizza, there is no middle ground. Choices like whether to put pineapple or anchovies on pizzas or cook them using aluminum pans polarize pie lovers across the nation. It's love or hate, with little in between.

Aluminum pizza pans divide fans

For some Costco shoppers, aluminum pans are a definite no-no – or "nay nay," as one Instagrammer put it. The objection to aluminum pans is at least twofold. One issue is related to health concerns often associated with heating aluminum. One commenter remarked, "Pure aluminum..said like that's a good thing? Toxic for sure [tear emoji]." Uncoated aluminum is known to react with acidic foods, such as tomato, lemon, and vinegar (via Cook's Illustrated). The science editor for Cook's Illustrated said that medical experts generally agree that cooking with aluminum is unlikely to negatively affect health. But the reaction to acid can definitely add an unpleasant taste to food. Nordic Ware notes this reactivity on the pans' product page and warns that it can corrode the product over time. But the company doesn't mention how this might affect food taste.

A second objection that Instagrammers had comes down to preference. Some expressed a preference for pizza stones, which are known to make crispy, dry crusts, or even seasoned cast iron skillets, which are known for producing chewy crusts. Of course, there is probably no real right or wrong answer for such a decision. Instead, the way you cook pizza will probably be related to the taste and crunch of your favorite pie. Deep-dish lovers will approach cooking differently than thin-crust fanatics. So while the jury is divided on whether you'll love the Costco deal or hate it, like pineapple pizza, it's a matter of taste.