Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Cinnamon Butter Loaves

They're baaack! Spotted at Costco yet again are these crowd-favorite "Butter Cinnamon Sugar Loaves" sold in a three-pack of sugary goodness. Superfan @costcobuys posted to their Instagram feed, "I'm super happy these butter cinnamon loaves are back at Costco! These are so good! ($8.99)." And this account isn't the only one obsessed — one follower wrote, "Honestly. This is the best item from Costco bakery! Soooooo good!" and another addde their favorite way to eat these treats, "We literally melt butter sticks in a bucket and soak each loaf. CHUNK."

There are so many favorite ways to eat these dessert-ready treats. One grandmother describes slicing it frozen for a crumb-less cake for the kids, and another happy fan assures us not to worry if the bread goes stale. Simply slice it into French toast instead, and the egg and cooking will add back that missing moisture.

The praise goes beyond the cult following these loaves have on Instagram, too. One firefighter on Reddit shares this story about the bread, "That to die for brown sugar cinnamon bread that comes three to a pack!!!! Our Costco is a mad house, for obvious reasons. Well here on the fire department, one of our cravings as a station is that bread that seems to disappear within 5 minutes of it being in house."

If anyone feels like gifting cinnamon loaves to firefighters as thanks for their service — we think this should totally be a thing.

Costco's loaves are basically coffee cake kissed with extra cinnamon and butter

For those dying to understand the appeal of these cinnamon and sugar-laden bliss bites, one Reddit user described the finishing process for making the loaves, going in depth about the technique used after baking, "Dip the entire loaf in melted butter and roll in cinnamon sugar. Like, saturate in butter. And roll in the sugar." If you're thinking healthy, this may not be your best option.

If instead you're looking for a treat, however, we have good news for those who can't grab the Costco originals. You can create your own copycat loaf using butter, sugar, and cinnamon (no surprise there). You'll also need egg, vanilla, milk, flour, baking soda, and brown sugar in addition to white sugar, too, according to The Semisweet Sisters. The copycat recipe suggests swirling a little cinnamon and sugar in the middle too if you'd like to add a little something extra.

So if you're in search of the comfort food you didn't know you needed — times three — you've just got to try these addictive sweet slices.