Costco's Giant Box Of Oreos Is Turning Heads

For many households, the savings and convenience of bulk buying at Costco can't be beat. The warehouse offers great prices on wholesale items from groceries to household goods, so it's no surprise to see they are now selling a huge variety box of Oreo cookies and that it's a steal. The box holds 60 2-packs of the popular cookie, with ten packs of golden Oreos, twenty packs of double-stuffed Oreos, and twenty packs of classic Oreo cookies. Each box contains a whopping 120 cookies total and is selling at participating Costco locations for under fifteen dollars, per Instacart.

Many shoppers took to social media to express their delight over the find, commenting on the popular Instagram account @costco_doesitagain to vote for their favorite Oreo flavor in the box. Follower @tiffbott7 posted, "Double stuff all the way!!! We have a divided household. So such a great find!" This box is a great way to please multiple family members in one easy purchase. It's also a great chance to sample a different type of Oreo without risking disappointment if the golden or double-stuff variety isn't your favorite. Giant boxes like this one are also a welcome sight for anyone who has ever been tasked with supplying snacks for their kid's homeroom, field trip, soccer game, or any other large gathering.

These Oreo variety packs have something for everyone

But there's no reason kids should have all the fun with these snack packs. These cookies are also perfect for bringing into an office to share or even just having for hand as a convenient snack to offer guests. However, it's also perfectly acceptable to want to keep all these goodies to yourself. Many shoppers were excited to get the chance to stock up on their favorite snack, like Instagram user @spookyatheart_, who posted, "As you can see, I've never said no to any kind of oreos." The individual packs should also make it easy to portion out your snacks, while still ensuring the remaining cookies stay sealed and fresh unless, of course, your portion is all of them.

Many were excited to see the golden and double stuffed varieties were also represented in the mix. However, some fans of the oft-neglected golden flavor clamored for a more equal division, like @mikeaholic18, who declared, "They need to put more golden in there." But no matter what your personal Oreo preference may be, there is no denying these giant boxes are sure to have something to please Oreo fans of different stripes at a price that is also sure to please their wallets.