Hershey's Has A New Candy Bar, The Whozeewhatzit. Here's What You Need To Know

True to the spirit of the Whatchamacallit — the candy bar that inspired Hershey's newest one — the Whozeewhatzit sounds like it's going to be fun to stock up on. And even though the Whatchamacallit totally flopped, we like to think of it as the fumbling Inspector Gadget of the candy bar world. Somehow, magically, it conquers all. So we're not ashamed to admit that we have high hopes for the Whozeewhatzit. Especially after Jenna Hamm, Whatchamacallit's brand manager, said in a statement, "The new Whozeewhatzit bar has all the wacky, crazy, chew-tastic perks that Whatchamacallit fans love, plus a few more."

What more could you ask of a Whatchamacallit?  Hershey's is whispering about its "added peanut butter crème layer," "delicious rice crisps," and "chocolatey candy covering." We'd also be lying if we told you that we weren't into its comic book red wrapping, which makes Hershey's new offering look like something The Pink Panther might munch on. 

Will the Whozeewhatzit live up to the hype?

The Whozeewhatzit might not be on your local store's shelves just yet, but rest assured, you'll be able to snap up a regular-size bar for $1.11 and a king-size bar for $1.66 soon. The Takeout's Aimee Levitt already tried it. Unfortunately, she describes the bar's interior as "more like a granola bar than a Snickers or Milky Way or even a Rice Krispies Treat." (Which sounds more Clark Kent than Superman to us.) Levitt further laments that "the layer of peanut butter creme is thin, shy, and drowned out by the chocolate." Despite it all, she likes it. Which means that, like the improbable Whatchamacallit, the Whozeewhatzit may have a fighting chance, still.

And there's at least one person that will likely be eating a lot of them. Lisa M. from Framingham, Massachusetts beat out 43,000 other entries to successfully name the bar, according to The Takeout. In doing so, she won herself $5,000 and a year's supply of the new candy.