Only 10% Of People Think This Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Ice Cream

It's kind of a miracle of the modern world that in places where you find fast food — aka, anywhere — you'll also find ice cream. That means, ice cream pretty much any time of day, off of most highways, rain or shine, summer or winter. Though some fast food ice cream offerings can be unpredictable (ahem, McDonald's and your infamous broken ice cream machines), many fast food outlets offer a huge variety of forms, flavors and mix-ins, all with their own catchy name.

But which ice cream is the one to rule them all? Mashed decided to find out. We surveyed 656 people online and asked them about their favorite fast food ice cream, including Dairy Queen, McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, and Burger King. People with different favorites could select "Other" and write in their preferred fast food ice cream. So is it the Blizzard? The McFlurry? The Icedream Cone? 

People had strong opinions on fast food ice cream

Maybe this won't come as a surprise, but respondents went with the one chain that's mainly known for its frozen treats. The people have spoken, and 57.93 percent of them went with Dairy Queen. "Dairy" is in the name, after all. This ice cream standard is home to over 10 categories of frozen desserts including four kinds of Blizzard, whose claim to fame is its ability to be turned upside down without spilling out (via Food & Wine). People seem to have a thing for ice cream blended with gobs of dough and syrup that's also really, really thick. 

Coming in way behind as the second most popular ice cream, was McDonald's with just 12.80 percent of the vote. On the losing end of things, Chick-fil-A got a little less than 10 percent of the vote. The chicken giant isn't known for its ice cream, which includes a cone and some shakes, and it shows. The "Other" category got 5.95 percent of the vote, with people writing in their favorite ice cream treat was from Culver's and Baskin-Robbins. The burger place that came in last place, may surprise you. People were not crazy about Burger King's ice cream offerings, which include shakes, cones, and sundaes in classic flavors. They got a tiny 2.59 percent of the vote. Yikes.