The Trick To Making Layered Jell-O

Among all the classic party desserts, Jell-O is undoubtedly a crowd favorite — for both children and adults! According to Just a Pinch, the gelatin-based dessert has been around since the late 1800s and has become a household staple thanks to its many flavors like raspberry, strawberry, orange, and lemon. But perhaps, the truth to why Jell-O has become so popular is because of the many ways it can be incorporated into snacks, desserts, and even adult beverages. (Jell-O shots, anyone?) While Jell-O squares are easy to whip up, they're a bit, um, mundane, which is why layered Jell-O is where it's at!

Layered Jell-O can be made using any variation of colors you'd like — however, we think rainbow-layered is the most aesthetically pleasing. House of Nash Eats, assures us that the pretty finger food isn't difficult to make per se, but be prepared to set aside a decent amount of time, as making layered Jell-O is a fragile (and slow) process.

With layered Jell-O, patience is key

The trick to making layered Jell-O is all in the timing. For example, before you even think about adding a new layer, the previous layer must set and be completely cooled or else the Jell-O will end up looking like a pile of melted mush (via House of Nash Eats). It will definitely still look colorful, but probably not the type of colorful you're after.

Likewise, layered Jell-O should never be stored in the freezer. The Kitchn explains that placing your gelatin in the freezer to try to speed up the process will prevent it from setting correctly. Furthermore, boiling gelatin is a big no-no. The correct way to make Jell-O is to boil the water separately before mixing in the colorful powder. Bottom line: let each layer fully cool, avoid the freezer, and no boiling gelatin. 

Now that you know the secret formula, it's time to make your own layered Jell-O! The fun finger food can be made with as many layers and flavors you want, and can be cut into squares, triangles, circles, and more. Just remember, the more layers, the longer the cook time. Because why? Setting and cooling is necessary for perfectly layered Jell-O.