Read This Before Buying A Crockpot At Costco

When you have a million chores you have to get through before you can even start considering what to make for dinner, finding ways to simplify your day takes priority number one. For those of us constantly on the go, nothing makes life simpler than a crockpot. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the original crockpot received its patent in 1940 and by the 1970s, the device found its way into millions of American homes. These handy devices whip up the perfect pot roast or stew thanks to their ingenious heating system — crockpots create heat at the base of the device and radiate the warmth up the sides at lower temperatures than a stove, making it a perfect way to cook food at a regulated temperature (via Hamilton Beach).

While these devices can shave hours of work off our day, sometimes these appliances face issues that render the product worthless! Instagrammer @costcodeals recently came across new crockpots for sale at their local Costco, and despite the $29.99 price tag and 7-quart capacity, not everything sat well with this device. Commenters chimed in, with one notable reply stating, "I've returned so many of these at Costco, the last time I apologized and promised to not buy any more. The lady at the counter said — 'so many have trouble with these.'" Another user added: "The warm setting isn't warm ... I've burned a lot of food."

A great deal on a questionable crockpot

If you have been dreaming of grabbing a crockpot for yourself, you may want to hold off a bit longer. Others have been finding flaws with Costco crockpots for some time, like Reddit user u/JohnnyH842 who posted about how their Costco crockpot featured a loose lid and had problems maintaining a constant temperature. Others in the same thread had similar issues, claiming that the problems stem from factory assembly issues. Luckily, several users in the same thread attested to the fact that the products generally fall under Costco's refund policy, and if you encounter issues with the crockpots, you can return them to the store you bought them from.

If you love the idea of having a device that can cook for you while you carry on with your day, nothing satisfies like a good crockpot. For now, you might want to avoid the product at Costco and keep doing your research. Despite the attractive price tag and large cooking capacity, these flawed items seem to have problems regulating their temperature, and if you plan to dole out some dollars on kitchen appliances, you want to make sure your money goes the furthest it can and avoid any lemons. Keep your eyes peeled for more crockpot deals and don't give up — you will find the perfect appliance soon!