Costco Shoppers Are Divided On This Ocean-Farmed Fish

Finding just the right kind of seafood can prove challenging. While we typically have a limited selection of frozen fish, shrimp, and shellfish to choose from at our local grocery chain, sometimes an exotic fish becomes available and inspires a ton of buzz. You may not come across it very often, but barramundi can stir shoppers into a frenzy when it graces seafood sections. According to The Better Fish, you couldn't ask for better seafood. The barramundi packs in a ton of healthy omega-3 acids, tastes great, and can even get sustainably fished with minimal ecological damage. With stats like this, what's not to love, right?

If you count yourself as a Costco shopper, this take on the fish might not appear as cut and dry as the facts might lead you to believe. Instagram user @costcobuys posted a picture of the unique fish alongside the caption: "Kirkland Signature Ocean-Farmed Barramundi by @thebetterfish is available in select Northeast, Southeast, Pacific Northwest, California, and Texas Costco warehouses! Barramundi, also known as Asian sea bass, is a mild, buttery premium white fish that is an excellent source of lean protein – great for Keto, Paleo, and Whole30. Plus this has 700mg of Omega-3s per serving, no traceable levels of mercury, antibiotics, preservatives, or chemicals!"

The post has drawn a ton of attention from all seafood fans, and it's hard to say if more people love or hate the find.

Costco's barramundi fish has customers divided

Despite @costcobuys' post garnering over 1,200 likes, the replies that have come in so far feel very split when it comes to the barramundi. Some shoppers love the find, replying with comments like, "Welp, guess I know what fish I'm buying tomorrow!" and "I think it's better than Mahi or grouper. We buy it often and grill in the green egg with cedar or cherry wood. Amazing!" Others haven't been too jazzed about the seafood, offering replies that range from, "I had a bad experience with fish from Costco and will never buy it fresh again. And management was not nice or helpful about it," to "I've never bought a Costco fish that didn't have worms slithering on it. check your fish package before buying!!" 

If you feel tempted to grab the seafood, make a trip down to your local Costco and see which side of the debate you fall on. When you need to find a fresh, new fish to spice up your weekday meal plans, barramundi could be the right choice. After all, you might just discover your next favorite fish!