Can Coors Really Put An Ad In Your Dreams?

Can Coors really put an ad in your dreams? If you tell them you're 18 or over, quite possibly. Ahead of the 2021 Super Bowl, Coors took the first giant step towards dream advertising when it created a movie combined with an eight-hour soundscape designed to make viewers create their own Coors Light advertisement in their sleep. 

When you visit the website to participate in the experience, it promises you "the most refreshing big game commercial of all times, in your dreams." Lest you think this is some kind of Hollywood-inspired Back To The Future science, in a statement on their blog, Coors highlighted their collaboration with Harvard professor and psychologist Dr. Deirdre Barrett in the creation of the experience.

"It certainly seems to work," Barret says in a video Coors produced showing its dream study. It worked something like this. The dream's study's subjects, hooked up to brainwave sensors, watched what Coor's described as a "trippy" 90-second film clip with a "shimmering avatar flying around mountains and streams, while Coors Seltzer cans bounce downstairs and undulate underwater." Then they went to sleep. Scientists woke participants up when they reached REM sleep, and asked what they'd been dreaming about. "I think it was something to do with Coors," said one study participant, caught on video.

Coors wants you to share your dream ads

Since Coors will not be airing any ads during the Super Bowl this year, the company is trying to entice fans into trying their experiment with the hashtag #CoorsBigGameDream. If it works, by Super Bowl Sunday, everyone will be using it to document their Coors-related dreams (or nightmares). Also, if you can get an unsuspecting friend to dream about Coors with you between now and April 30, 2021, the company will, apparently, give you a 12-pack of Coors Seltzer for free (via Twitter). Eager Twitter is already lining up. 

Will responsible dreaming, just like responsible drinking, soon become a thing? If Coors can do it, might we also all soon be witness to dreamscape rivalries in which Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks duke it out over the best way to wake you up? Or shut our eyes to surreal, superhero rivalries in which KFC's Batman, McDonald's King Kong, and Popeyes' Spiderman, all sit around in a diner duking it out over the best chicken sandwich? Only time will tell.