These UK Ben & Jerry's Flavors Have Americans Jealous

When normal ice cream just can't cut it, we often turn to Ben & Jerry's to deliver flavor combos that guarantee to blow us out of the water. The brand has a long history of impressing us with novel ice creams. According to Thrillist, selections like Chunky Monkey, The Tonight Dough, or Americone Dream have burrowed their way into our hearts and made them fan favorites for a good reason. The brand does a great job at pinpointing the exact flavors we crave, even if we don't know we need them. The best example of Ben & Jerry's finding just the perfect combo of dessert tastes and wrapping them into new ice creams just arrived, but sadly, we shouldn't expect to see them anytime soon if we live stateside. 

Instagram user @candyhunting recently discovered two new flavors the ice cream giant released exclusively in the UK — Dough-ble Chocolate and Rain-dough. According to the post, Dough-ble Chocolate features a blend of chocolate ice cream, a chocolate cookie dough center, and chocolate chunks, while Rain-dough mixes together vanilla ice cream, a rainbow-sprinkle cookie dough center, and rainbow candy pieces. If that can't make you jealous, the post also stated that Ben & Jerry's released Cookie Dough Peace Pops to the UK market. These treats feature a cookie dough center, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chips coated in a crisp chocolate layer and shaped like a peace sign. While these exclusives probably have you drooling, don't lose hope that we might see some tantalizing exclusives soon too.

New Ben & Jerry's flavors for cookie dough lovers

While we might not see these new flavors in the U.S. anytime soon, we can still hold out hope for some very unique desserts from Ben & Jerry's. The brand has a flair for tailoring special ice creams to their specific region. According to Ben & Jerry's, the brand has released a maccha green tea ice cream with caramelized pecan pieces in Japan, and a Joy To The Swirled ice cream featuring vanilla ice cream with caramel and fudge swirls in The Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, and Ireland, among many other regional flavors. If these combos can't give you hope that we should see more unique decadent desserts from this ice cream giant soon, nothing can!

For now, we can hold out hope that these flavors take off in the UK and with some pushing, we might even see them appear at grocery stores in our neck of the woods. In the meantime, we can keep indulging in all the cookie dough flavors that Ben & Jerry currently serves up to tide us over until that day comes.