25% Of People Would Never Order This At Taco Bell

While the case could be made that there are many things you should never order at a Taco Bell, some menu items appear to have more of an instinctive "get that away from my digestive system" factor. Whether it's the seasoned beef, the cheese, or the fact that much of Taco Bell's food is highly processed, playing eenie meenie miney moe with the menu might not do your stomach any favors. Business Insider even gave us a breakdown of the beef and what's in it, and though most of the ingredients have a reasonable explanation, taken as a whole, we should limit our processed food intake.

So Mashed decided to find out: Given five popular items at Taco Bell, which were people least likely to order? More specifically, which would they never order? The options were the black bean chalupa, bean quesarito, chicken quesadilla, bacon club chalupa, and the Doritos locos taco. The results from 656 people who took an online survey are in, and have revealed some curious preferences.

Survey reveals Taco Bell items that freak people out

According to the internet, there's one item in particular that sketches people out the most at Taco Bell: the black bean chalupa. Whether it's the "bean" part or the "chalupa," we're not sure what about this item offends 30.18 percent of you so much, especially since it seems like one of the least threatening in the lineup. It's vegetarian, and though it's a respectable 330 calories for one, it's basically just a crunchy dough taco with beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese (via Taco Bell).

Next in line was the bacon club chalupa, with 25.3 percent of the vote. Almost of quarter of those surveyed singled out yet another chalupa to steer clear of. At 440 calories each, this baby might actually be worse for you than its black bean cousin: It's loaded with chicken, bacon, avocado ranch, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, a decidedly un-Mexican flavor profile, although no one is really going to Taco Bell for an "authentic" experience (via Vice). And sure enough, the overall chalupa suspicion held. Over in the write-in category, "other," one of the most popular comments? Not going to Taco Bell at all.