Twitter Can't Stop Talking About This Relatable Macaron Fail

How can a dessert so sweet, so tiny, and so seemingly simple be so incredibly easy to mess up? Macarons — no, not macaroons — have seemingly been everywhere for the past few years, with the Houston Press even dubbing them "the new cupcake." Remember cupcakes? 

We've seen bakers make macarons look effortless on The Great British Baking Show and other cooking shows, and they're so photogenic it's hard to resist the urge to recreate them ourselves. But beware, because macarons are not for the faint of heart. These meringue cookies, made with finicky egg whites, are notoriously tough to get just right for Instagram.

One Twitter user, @chunkyfila, found this out the hard way. After an attempt at making the delicate French delicacies, they posted a photo to their account with the directive, "i made macarons yesterday and they turned out ugly as hell but i challenge you to try and say something nice about them." In a heartwarming turn for humanity, people went above and beyond to compliment the oddly shaped confections. And of course, make some jokes.

Macaron success is all about attitude

The vivid aqua-colored macarons in question turned out oddly shaped, lopsided and uneven. However, to the baker's credit, these misshapen cookies still look highly edible. For anyone who's attempted these ultra high-maintenance treats, this kind of result is completely relatable. Commenters offered up their own macaron fails, advice, memes, and of course, compliments on the lumpy turnout. One of the most common was that, despite the odd shapes, this home cook did manage to get the trademark "feet" on the macaron shells, which is a real accomplishment even for experienced pastry chefs.

Others compared the unique macarons to spirals or squiggles and even found faces in the meringue. Some complimented the color. Eventually, @chunkyfila posted a reply, saying "i had an amazing time making these, no matter how they turned out and they tasted great so i'm happy anyways." Macarons are notoriously tricky, but that won't stop people from trying. Still, to avoid macarons that resemble this character, check out a baker's best tips for making perfect macarons.