This Is The Best Way To Freeze Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo sauce is a quintessential pasta ingredient that can take your recipe to new heights and make your meal far more wholesome and delicious. According to Taste of Home, there are many ways to customize this sauce if you are making it at home, as you can tweak the recipe simply by adding milk to your mixture instead of cream. Additionally, if you are trying to ensure that your pasta is thick, a useful trick to remember is to consider preparing a roux, which is basically a mixture of butter and flour. Simply including roux in your Alfredo sauce can make it a lot thicker. A cool hack, indeed.

Want to give your pasta a healthy twist? Consider including spinach or a bit of basil for some added of fun. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also try including mushrooms and tomatoes for a burst of flavor. By the way, if you are someone who likes preparing plenty of sauce beforehand but always end up fretting over the best way to store your goods, we have an easy solution for you.

Freezing Alfredo sauce doesn't have to be complicated

While freezing Alfredo sauce is the number one way to store it for later, there are a few steps that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you get the process right. Per the blog Can You Freeze This?, freezing Alfredo sauce is basically something that you need to plan for ahead of time. After you have prepared the sauce, separate the excess portion and get to work as quickly as you can. The reason for this is simple — the faster you act, the better the sauce will taste even after you freeze it and use it later. 

As for the actual storing process, you need to use resealable bags that are suitable for your fridge. Store your sauce in the bags and make sure to leave some room. After all, the sauce is likely to expand when you freeze it and you want there to be enough space in your freezer bags. Another handy technique is to label your bags so you know exactly when you stored them. A Redditor had another useful tip to share. They wrote, "Just make sure that when you plan on using it, place it in the fridge until its completely thawed. Then when you go to heat it up again use a really low heat and stir often to avoid breaking the sauce." We cannot wait to give this simple trick a try!