People Are Calling This Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial The Best Of The Night

Spiked seltzers have been having a field day lately. According to Town and Country, a variety of adult fizzy waters graced tables over the course of 2020, including the now-iconic White Claw, Henry's Hard Sparkling Water, and Corona Cherry Hard Seltzer. According to Bud Light, the beer brand has joined the fun and begun pumping out a wide range of hard seltzer flavors, covering the full fruit spectrum. With the brand's latest Super Bowl commercial, they pushed this product to new levels and fans can't get enough.

The ad, promoting a line of new Bud Light lemonade flavors, features a group of friends reminiscing on how 2020 proved to be a "lemon of a year" and cuts to a montage of pedestrians, businesspeople, and more, getting pelted with a downpour of lemons from the sky (via Twitter). This light-hearted take on the events of last year struck a huge positive chord with viewers, and a ton of users across the internet now claim that no other commercial can touch the quality of this one.

When life gives you lemons

Users across Twitter have poured out the love for this ad, with reactions ranging from "Bud Light Seltzer commercial a very strong contender just now for best of the night," to "Getting hit in the face with some lemons and the bride hiding and crying under the table was a very relatable commercial from Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade." If you haven't checked out this commercial or just happened to make a snack run during the ad, you can watch it over on Bud Light's Twitter page.

If you can't get enough hard seltzer and feel ready for a new lemonade twist on this fun beverage, Bud Light not only has you covered, they found the best way to help you remember the drink next time you make a grocery run. Keep your eyes peeled for this sparkling water on store shelves and for more material from Budweiser as the night rolls on.