Chick-Fil-A Employees Share Drive-Thru Horror Stories

Chick-fil-A is beloved by fast food goers across the country. From its savory chicken sandwich to its frosty shakes, you really can't go wrong. This might explain why the chicken chain is so successful. According to Entrepreneur, Chick-fil-A rakes in a staggering $9 billion a year. That's pretty remarkable when you also consider it's closed on Sundays. This might also be why when customers are trying to get their waffle fries fix, accidents can happen. Literally. 

A Reddit thread for Chick-fil-A employees included multiple people saying they've seen their fair share of car collisions. "We've had people get rear ended a couple of times in our DT," one wrote. "I almost got hit by a truck, but thankfully I was quick and jumped out of the way." Another fast food chain worker added, "Lots of rear-ending at mine. We also had a team member get tapped in DT, she was okay but went into shock. I wish people would stay off their phones."

Chick-fil-A employees share scary accounts about working at the drive-thru

Despite some of these awful incidents occurring, the chicken chain's workers were named the most polite, per Business Insider. A survey found they were the most likely to say things like "please" and "thank you." However, that may not mean they always want to. An employee wrote on Reddit, "My foot got ran over while running a curbside order and I yelled some very non team member things." Another worker recounted a similar story and said a girl working at their franchise got hit by a car and broke her arm. Yikes.

After reading through the thread of comments, one former employee said they were very upset by it. "After leaving Chickfila, it has gradually sunk that these might be genuinely unsafe working conditions," they wrote. "Has anyone ever pushed back, or filed complaints about these conditions?" No answer to this question yet, but hopefully we can all be a little more careful when ordering our next meal at the popular fast food restaurant.