This Bizarre Flamin' Hot Cheetos TikTok Hack Has People Confused

2020 was the year of food hacks galore, and 2021 is proving to follow suit early on. This week, TikTok user @gettishow, known to her followers as Getti, shocked the internet with a fiery concoction that's since racked up millions of views: "Mac 'N Hot Cheetos."

Getti starts off by pouring just over a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos directly in a pot of boiling water (we're willing to bet that's an image you never thought you'd see). The classic junk food easily dissolves in the hot water. She then adds in the seasoning from a box of Kraft, turning the mixture into a thick (and visually unappealing) cheese sauce. In a separate dish, she cooks up the Kraft mac before mixing the two together for a simple, five-minute meal.

The TikTok hack quickly blew up on Twitter. Some users pointed out that it might be kid-approved, while others chimed in on the questionable recipe. Twitter user @blackandmild79 wrote, "You feel me? Dusted and disgusted."

As if the dish wasn't already confusing enough on its own – hello, we're boiling a bag of Cheetos here – people are even more lost on why the hack came about, considering Getti's "Mac 'N Hot Cheetos" isn't much of a discovery, after all.

You don't even have to boil a single Cheeto to try this weird dish

Late in 2020, Cheetos debuted a surprising addition to their line of crunchy snacks: Mac 'N Cheese. The boxes hit shelves in three different flavors (Bold & Cheesy, Flamin' Hot, and Cheddar Jalapeño) at just 98 cents, and received average reviews across the board. One writer for Food and Wine wrote that "as a boxed mac and cheese fan, it's something I'd definitely have again."

The blog The Impulsive Buy echoed those sentiments and called the store-bought microwavable cups "decent," but mentioned they lacked milk and butter. Not to mention, the flavors were "a bit bland." This is where the TikTok hack might have a leg up; Getti was able to use the Flamin' Hot with Lime variety of Cheetos mixed with a bag of the original in her dish, which likely elevated the flavor.

The easy weeknight meal is intriguing, but the internet is a little uneasy about what The Impulsive Buy calls "the angry red/Swedish Fish/B-movie blood color" of the store-bought version, and we have to agree. Whether you buy your Mac 'N Cheetos in-store or boil your own bag at home, you're definitely in for quite the unique experience.