The Reason Beluga Caviar Recently Became Legal In The US

After 15 years with an import ban, Americans will now be able to purchase purebred Beluga caviar across the country. It's now officially legal for consumption all thanks to one company, Marky's Caviar. Starting off at a staggering $420 for just half an ounce, you can now have the ultra-rare Beluga caviar delivered straight to your doorstep. Historically, this item was seen as a luxurious product in fine-dining or white glove celebrations (via Bloomberg). However, the roles have since reversed and we can now see caviar on everything from potatoes to donuts

It's possible you might have not been aware that Beluga caviar was previously banned from America, since 2005. The reason it was forbidden for so long, was due to the efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to protect the species from extinction. The organization banned all beluga product imports from the Caspian Sea because of their dwindling numbers. 

Why the ban on Beluga caviar was removed

Well, that's all in large part to Marky's, who have tirelessly worked to sustainably reproduce the species and kept the numbers from decreasing at their aquafarm in Bascom, Fla. Found in the cold water depths of the Caspian Sea, Beluga sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in the world and takes anywhere from 10 to 15 years to produce eggs (via Robb Report). Fortunately for seafood lover's aching to taste these delicious black pearls, Mark Zaslavsky of Marky's Caviar, was able to save the fish from possible extinction thanks in large part to his donation of more than 160,000 fertilized eggs to the sturgeon repopulation.

Known for its signature pop in every delectable bite, Beluga caviar — or 'Huso Huso' — is the most delicate and largest size of sturgeon eggs available (via FoodBeast). With that in mind, if you're looking to splurge on world renowned caviar, looks like now is the time.