What Are Snow Cocktails And How Do You Make Them?

When you have a drink that works, why change it? According to Drink Insider, the best-loved adult beverages of 2020 have graced menus for decades — cocktails like an old fashioned, mojito, margarita, and more ranked as some of the best. As times change, we eventually get bored with the familiar and want something fresh. Spirit enthusiasts have been coming up with some very creative ways to spice up their cocktail life, while enjoying the heavy snowfall that certain parts of the U.S. have seen in recent days. According to Vinepair, homebound mixologists have been experimenting with snow cocktails. It's a twist on classic cocktails, where classic cocktails or liquors get poured over or mixed with snow. 

This trend has gone on for awhile. Internet users have tried finding recipes for snow-based cocktails on Google since the search engine launched, and thanks to cocktail educational videos getting featured on TikTok, more people have tried out this fashionable method of cocktail creation. One notable example paired mezcal, sweet vermouth, salt, raspberry sugar, and a heaping mound of snow together in a martini glass to make the best adult snow cone drink you could ever taste. Instagrammer @courtney.mfchef roped in a ton of likes with one an instructional video, showing followers how to make a signature snow cocktail by simmering blueberries, sugar, cardamon, and water together to form a syrup, and blending it with lemon and gin to form the ultimate slushie cocktail. If you think it takes some serious bar skills to make these drinks, guess again!

A fun snow cocktail for any occasion

These fun cocktails have found a plethora of fans for good reason. Instagrammer @togroni found an exciting way to turn a Negroni into a Snowgroni by simply pouring the drink's components directly into a cup of snow and mixing. You don't even have to have snowfall in your area to jump in on the action. According to Vinepair, you can even just add a snowball made from shaved ice into a highball glass and top it off with your favorite liquor. As long as you bring your imagination, the sky's the limit when it comes to finding new ways to make this novel style of drink.

If you have been stuck inside because of snow or just want to find a new way to make winter fun, snow cocktails can make any day better. Next time you have to entertain or just want to experiment with a new way to make drinks, check out this trend to get some inspiration next time you feel like shaking up a cocktail — you won't regret it!