Costco Shoppers Are Skeptical About These Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Costco's large collection of products might seem ideal for every kind of customer. But while it's undeniable that there are some great deals at the store, some products are better than others. For example, Eat This, Not That! recommends skipping avocados at Costco simply because it's impractical to buy them in bulk and try to use them before they're no longer suitable to eat. Another product that might not be worth not buying? Spices. They may go stale faster than you'd expect, leaving your pantry full of spices that aren't up to snuff.

Recently, Costco shoppers weighed in on another product that some say isn't quite worth stocking up on: the chocolate-covered strawberries. According to several Redditors, the quality of the store's strawberries is not what you'd hope for be even though these look rather appealing. The $12.99 price tag probably didn't help. "They look amazing! They are rather expensive though," remarked one user (via Reddit). Another Redditor wrote, "How do they taste? I love Costco so much, but one time I got strawberries and they were awful. Red and ripe 'looking' but were crunchy and flavorless. These do look so good though!" However, someone responded and said "they taste like sh**."

Some shoppers say the chocolate-covered strawberries are not worth the money

A Redditor commented that they'd rather make the chocolate-dipped strawberries themselves and save some money. Other users agreed with this sentiment. One said of Costco's chocolate-covered strawberries, "Seems like an awful deal, to be honest. And yeah, other places sell them for more expensive but that still doesn't make this good or a good deal." Noting that this isn't the peak season for strawberries, a commenter said that when you buy fruits that are not in season, you can expect bland, mediocre produce at best. They wrote, "You really just can't stomach them when they're out of season. Giant. Flavorless. Blech."

Some of the criticisms got pretty brutal, like this one: "I generally don't trust Costco produce. I trust literally everything else they sell... but the quality of produce is usually not great." They added that the fruits simply lack any real flavor. The bottom line? If you're iffy about the chocolate-covered strawberries at Costco, make some at home instead. Fair enough.