The Unusual Drink Dave Grohl Likes To Pair With His KFC

If you've ever wondered how your favorite musicians like to chow down after a show, then you're in luck. Uproxx sat down with Dave Grohl, the lead singer for the Foo Fighters, to discuss his favorite post-show meal. As it turns out, it involves KFC and a drink pairing that you might find unusual. While something with carbonation is likely a go-to for most, since it helps cut through some of the grease and sodium of the fried chicken, Grohl's beverage pick was far from your typical Coke or Pepsi product. 

As it turns out, Grohl loves to drink champagne with his KFC fried chicken. It certainly has the bubbly factor, though the spices in the chicken recipe might drown out some of the finer notes of champagne. However, this particular pairing wasn't on purpose. Rather, it seems Grohl happened to stumble upon it when he was eating fried chicken and realized how thirsty he was.

Why Dave Grohl eats KFC with champagne

According to Uproxx, it all started after a show when the Foo Fighters were touring Australia. Grohl told the publication, "So I'm picking up pieces of chicken and I'm eating like a raccoon in a dumpster." But during his ravenous rampage, he realized he needed something to drink, as he dove into the buckets of chicken his manager had acquired for the band.

"I look and to my left was a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice," Grohl explained. "So I pop the champagne and start drinkin' it. Then I take a bite of chicken. And then I have some champagne and then I take a bite. And I look at everyone and I'm like, 'YOU GUYS! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! THIS IS AMAZING!'" 

So, apparently, it was a major hit for the group. While there have been some rather surprising pairings with champagne such as popcorn, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and even fried potatoes, fried chicken might top the list of surprises (via Town & Country). Perhaps, it's a trend that's up and coming and will no doubt be bigger, now that it's backed by Grohl.