Here's What To Do If Your Egg Salad Is Too Salty

The scenario: You just put your heart and soul into making the perfect egg salad. You finish it off by adding some salt, pepper, and maybe even a bit of sriracha. Then, the moment you've been waiting for: the taste test – and yikes. Way too salty. Like, "Is this even fixable?" kind of salty. It happens to the best of us, which is why there are a plethora of solutions to salvage that perfect egg salad of yours.

Depending on what level of saltiness we're talking about, you might need more than a couple of ingredients to balance out its flavor. That said, the first step to fixing your salty salad is to determine how much less salty you need it to be. For instance, if your salad needs to be around 25 percent less salty, eHow suggests chopping up some onions and celery, adding them to the mix, et voila! A delicious, perfectly-balanced egg salad. Alas, not all salty salad fixes are that easy, which is why we have a few more suggestions for the salads that need a little extra TLC.

If your salad needs some extra TLC

If you have more eggs, hard-boil them and add them to the mix to give all that salt somewhere to be distributed. Not sure how many more eggs to add? eHow's rule of thumb is, "If your egg salad is twice as salty as you would like, the volume of the eggs you are cooking should be equal to the volume of your salty egg salad." If you don't mind a slightly lemony flavor, you could also add some extra lemon juice to balance out the saltiness, like this All Recipes salad calls for and Amateur Gourmet suggests.

If you used up the last of your eggs or you're short on time, we have a solution for your predicament, too, and it's as easy as rinsing it off in a colander. Run cold water over your egg salad, suggests eHow, and after most of the salty sauce has washed away, "mix in mayonnaise to re-form the sauce." In addition to reforming the sauce, you'll probably have to add some extra mustard, pepper, or whatever other seasonings you added before – sans the salt, of course.