The Best Way To Use Leftover Scrambled Eggs, According To J. Kenji López-Alt

Scrambled eggs may be the easiest thing to cook, but they can also be the easiest thing to mess up. Don't take our word for it: Just ask anyone who took their eye off the pan for a few moments, only to find their eggs turn from nearly fluffy to curdled and rubbery. As a result, you'll find sites devoting pages to the art of making a good plate of scrambled eggs addressing everything from whether or not dairy is needed as an add-in, to the heat they need to be cooked at. For the more advanced, there are tips from chefs like Gordon Ramsay on how to get it right (via Greatist).

Given how diva-like scrambled eggs can be, it comes as no surprise that few, if any of us are willing to save leftover scrambled eggs, never mind reheat them, particularly the batch we've cooked up is too hefty to discard. Sites like Livestrong may focus on how to warm up eggs so we don't accidentally give ourselves food poisoning, but they don't exactly give us tips on how to reheat the eggs so they are palatable. 

J. Kenji López-Alt suggests heating leftover eggs in a sandwich

For ideas on how to reheat scrambled eggs while helping them maintain their integrity we look to cooking experts like J. Kenji López-Alt, whose cooking resume most foodies can only aspire to have, and whose Instagram feed appears dedicated to the sole purpose of making our mouths water. And because López-Alt also cooked up 120 eggs over several weeks to get find a way to make this breakfast classic (via Instagram), he'd probably know a thing or two about leftovers.  

In an Instagram post featuring a photo of a bacon and egg sandwich fitted between two toasted buns, López-Alt says: "[The] best way to use leftover scrambled eggs, in my opinion: toast a bun while you fry bacon. Put the fridge-cold eggs on the bottom bun, cover with cheese... and broil pretty far from the element so that the eggs reheat as the cheese melts and bacon cooks over 5-6m. Put the bacon on top, close the sandwich. Eat."

His featured choice of cheese was Tillamook extra sharp cheddar, but we figure the hack will work with just about any kind of melty cheese. But don't take our word for it. Give it a shot and see how it goes, because we're pretty sure it won't disappoint.