The Surprising Good Eats Ingredient That Stumped Alton Brown

Television personality Alton Brown is a legendary name known for his obsession with food. He's best known for hosting his show Good Eats, where he introduces his viewers to delicious dishes such as baked macaroni and cheese, a special chocolate chip recipe that he calls "The Chewy," and his version of guacamole (via The Food Network). What's impressive is the fact that Brown is not afraid to dive deeper into the art of making good food, explaining how different ingredients play a role in creating the perfect dish (via Delish).

It also helps that he's an approachable man who can teach anyone to get comfortable with the art of cooking. What's more, Brown is an innovator through and through. As per Delish, he shot the pictures for one of his cookbooks, EveryDayCook, all by himself with the help of an iPhone as he wrote about some of the recipes that are closest to his heart. Despite being such a food expert, Brown is not immune to the strange ways of the world. In fact, he was quite baffled by a particular ingredient on his show. Read on for the lowdown.

Alton Brown was very confused by avocados

According to Delish, while Alton Brown has mostly been comfortable with experimenting and working with a variety of ingredients, he has had his share of troubles. One of the ingredients that really confused him and left him scratching his head was avocados. While selecting themes for episodes of Good Eats, he didn't know what he should do with the ingredient and how to film an entire episode around it. He took some time to solve the puzzle and came back to the fruit when he felt like he had mastered the avocado.

Well, what was his solution? Avocados are a high-quality fat but rarely is their taste the star of a dish. Alton Brown decided to experiment and see what he could come up with. In true Brown fashion, the avocados were turned into butter, a cake frosting, and ice cream on the show. In case you're itching to try something, Brown has an easy avocado butter recipe on his website (via Alton Brown). He writes, "Avocados are and always have been my favorite fruit. And while I could eat guacamole forever, my favorite application is actually avocado butter. It's a compound butter that makes a fabulous finish for grilled meats, fish, and especially corn on the cob." Who's hungry?