Fewer People Drink Coffee In The Morning Than You'd Think

Your go-to morning routine can be hard to break from or change. Chances are, that routine includes some kind of hot or cold beverage that gets you hydrated, up, and going. For a lot of people, that means caffeine in some form. While many people might assume that everyone's early morning drink of choice is probably coffee, the reality might surprise you. It turns out, a lot of folks don't reach for a cup of joe to start their day.

Mashed recently took a poll to find out exactly what people choose as their go-to morning drink. The options included coffee (of course), water, tea, and a write-in category labeled as "Other." A total of 59,000 people worldwide responded, and less than half of them chose coffee. Coffee-drinkers earned 42 percent of the vote with 24,780 people selecting it. After coffee, there were two options that lagged far behind and one that also took a good percentage of the votes.

The coffee alternatives people choose for their morning routines

In second place, earning the next-largest swath of votes was water. It turns out many people feel really dehydrated when they first wake up and go straight for a glass of plain old water, or sometimes with a squeeze of lemon juice, to quench their thirst. After that first glass, some move on to coffee or other beverages, too. According to the poll, it was 37 percent of the vote or 21,830 people who turn to water.

Another 6,490 people, or 11 percent of the vote, turn to tea. Finally, 9 percent of people chose the "Other" category. That means 5,310 picked another beverage and many wrote in what their go-to drink is in the morning instead. Some of the options weren't earth-shattering, such as green tea among other varieties of tea, as well as orange juice. One person even said they drink chocolate milk. The picks that were more surprising included lemonade, soda, hot chocolate, and even an energy drink first thing out of bed.

Whatever you choose to drink in the mornings doesn't matter as long as it gets you going, and there's little doubt that a strong cup of coffee, or an energy drink, will do that for you.