Burger King Has Good News For Fans Of Its Cheesy Tots

Founded in 1954, Burger King is the second-largest fast food hamburger chain in the world (via BK). Even so, not every menu item has been a winner (can we please just never ever talk about the terrifying Halloween Whopper?). So, then you might think that when Burger King knows they've hit upon a fan favorite, they would do everything in their power to make that beloved menu item available all the time. You would think, but you'd be all be wrong. 

Ever since their introduction, Burger King's Cheesy Tots have been hugely popular (via Thrillist). Some might even argue the bite-sized ooey-gooey-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside umami bombs can make the plain ole McDonald's Hash Brown seem more like the McDonald's "Has Been." And Burger King is well aware of this. "We know our guests love CHEESY TOTS, and we heard they want them for breakfast too," Alex Macedo, President of Burger King North America, said in a press release from 2017 (via Businesswire).

So then why do Burger King Cheesy Tots come and go from the BK menu — leaving bewildered fans to express their love slash frustration and beg for their return via social media sites like the Bring Back The Cheesy Tots From Burger King Facebook page? While we may never obtain a satisfying answer to that existential question, we do have some good news for fans of Burger King's Cheesy Tots.

Burger King Cheesy Tots are back again, again

For a limited time only (of course), and at select locations (you're killing us, Burger King), Burger King's Cheesy Tots have quietly returned to Burger King's menu. We say "quietly" because having searched high and low, we have yet to unearth a press release regarding this exciting bit of news — even after asking Burger King's corporate office for details and receiving no word back. What is certain, however, is that these are the same Cheesy Tots you've known and loved in the past when they've made their appearance on the Burger King menu. 

"Melted cheese potato bites covered in a crunchy bread crumb coating," the description teases, "Served hot and crispy with your order." Prices vary by location, but an eight-piece order will cost you somewhere around $1.99, depending on your local Burger King's menu. If you're a fan, we suggest going as soon as possible because there is no way of knowing how long they'll be available this time around.