What We Know So Far About The Try Guys' New Food Network Show

Thanks to the internet, finding a recipe for cooking and baking has now been simplified. With a simple Google search, folks can find anything from how to make banana bread to how to make "nice" cream (a dairy-free form of ice cream, per the kitchn). And let's face it, trying to cook anything from scratch can be a somewhat daunting journey because you run the risk of leaving out necessary ingredients or using the wrong set of ingredients altogether. But, what if one day you decided that you wanted to give it a go sans recipe? 

Well, thankfully for folks everywhere the award-winning comedy group the Try Guys are looking to take on that distinct challenge with their latest project on the Food Network, according to a Broadway World report. The report cites that the group, composed of members Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang, will be looking to attempt making some of today's most popular foods without the use of any recipes.

The Try Guys will attempt to make things like pizza, ice cream, and everything in-between

In a press release sent to Mashed, the comedy group known for their viral videos that see them trying things like swimming with sharks and surviving in the wild, will tackle one of their biggest challenges yet with their new Food Network show. The series, which is currently in its pre-production phase is going under the working title, No Recipe Roadtrip with the Try Guys.  

In the release, Courtney White, President of the Food Network, states that teaming up with the Try Guys was a no-brainer because of their "incredible energy and extraordinary sense of humor, that is irresistible paired with their devil may care attitude." The Try Guys are notably pumped to be working with the Food Network as well and noted in the press release that "working with the most iconic brand in the food space is a dream come true" and that their fans will surely love all the fun content the quartet will be working on.