Why You Should Be Grating Your Garlic

Minced garlic is one of those ingredients you always have in your cupboard you can never really recall picking it up at the store. Once opened, a jar of minced garlic should last you about two years, according to Still Tasty. However, if you're prone to cooking with fresh ingredients, you might stick to the mincing process yourself. It's no easy task, as it involves removing the garlic's papery skin, breaking up and peeling the cloves, crushing the garlic with the flat side of a knife, slicing, and eventually, chopping up into small pieces (via Food Network Magazine).

Minced garlic, especially fresh minced garlic, ensures that you're getting the most flavor in your meals. According to Kitchn's food editor Meghan Splawn, when you slice or smash garlic, you're breaking down cells inside the cloves. This chemical reaction gives way to a stronger flavor so the more you break up the cells, the stronger the taste. Therefore, finely minced garlic packs a greater punch than simply smashed cloves. Yet if you're ultimately looking to save time, you should consider getting out your grater next time you're in the kitchen.

Grated garlic has all the benefits of minced garlic but saves you a few steps

Splawn pointed out that if you want to maintain that pungent garlicky flavor, grating should work just fine (no pun intended). You'll want to remove the first few layers of skin from the garlic before you get started, and once you've done just that, you can get to grating. She also recommends using a microplane or the smaller side of the box grater for the best results. Heads up, because of the thin slices, you can easily overcook the garlic and give it a more bitter taste. Be mindful of time and keep an eye on those pieces as they cook. 

If your next meal requires chopping up a bunch of vegetables, you might find yourself tired of slicing and dicing and reach for the minced garlic. But before you settle on using an old jar in which you can't point out the expiration date, give your grater a chance.