Aldi Just Revealed When It's Bringing Back Its Irish Cream Cheesecake

March is just around the corner, and it is bringing some exciting things with it. It is the start of women's history month. Spring will officially begin, and we all hope will usher in some warmer weather. And, of course, millions will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day on March 17. Many people will be taking part in the festivities by wearing green, drinking whiskey, and eating some traditional Irish fare.

To help its shoppers celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Aldi's will be releasing an Irish Cream Cheesecake to enjoy for dessert. The decadent treat is a creamy marble cheesecake that is swirled with the rich, nutty flavor of Irish cream. It will be on sale for a steal at $4.99 starting next week, per Aldi's website. According to Delish, the Irish Cream Cheesecake is scheduled to hit Aldi's shelves on March 2, so don't forget to head to your local store to claim the delicious dessert as soon as you can. Aldi will also be releasing several other St. Patrick's Day-themed items in stores next week, so while you are there, you can also stock up on a few other treats to help you brighten up the holiday.

Aldi will be releasing several new St. Patrick's Day-themed products

Aldi will be selling a new assortment of five Irish-themed cheeses, including three that are imported and two that are straight up "boozy," all for just $3.99 each, per the Food Network. The Pesto Gouda and English Sage Derby are a festive green color, to help you celebrate the holiday with flavor and style. The assortment also includes a sharp imported Aged Irish Cheddar, an Irish Cheddar with Beer, and Irish Cheddar with Whiskey, which are infused with alcohol.

As Elite Daily reports, the store is also packing a lot of Irish flavor into one single bag of frozen Corned Beef Reuben Bites. If you don't feel up to cooking a full traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage, then these bites, which are stuffed with corned beef, sauerkraut, and provolone cheese, will still have you covered. Top it all off with a four-pack of O'Shea's Traditional Irish Stout, available at Aldi's for $5.89, and you'll have everything you need to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.