The Best Things To Drink On A Keto Diet

Following a well-balanced diet plan (that has been worked out with a physician) can provide a myriad of benefits to the body. From pumping the body with more added daily nutrients to assisting it with overall weight loss, dieting can do the body some good. Unfortunately, one drawback that diet plans have is that they come with certain restrictions and guidelines that help dieters ensure that they and their bodies are getting everything they need, and are keeping out the bad stuff, like processed foods and added sugars.

Navigating this thin line of what to eat or drink can be somewhat precarious for people because of how some foods hold hidden sugars in them like raw oysters and clams. If you're on the keto diet, keeping an eye on your food's nutritional levels is important. According to Medical News Today, the main principle for following a faithful keto diet plan is to ensure that your carbohydrate intake is low, something that sugar can mess with (per Men's Health).

It all comes down to keeping sugar levels low

According to Men's Health, keto dieters can enjoy a plethora of different beverages, but it is imperative that they keep an eye on the serving sizes and sugar levels that come with each drink. The publication states that people can enjoy their morning cup of coffee or tea as long as their beverage is sugarless and dairy free.

Now, what if you're walking down the juice aisle and debating between things like apple juice or Welch's? Dr. Mike Israetel, a sports nutrition consultant, tells Men's Health that you better stick with the reduced sugar or sugar free options, as the sugar within the juice can drive up the body's overall carb count. Craving some deliciously sweet soda? Healthline suggests that it is unwise to even have the diet versions, as those also can carry a lot of sugar in them. The publication suggests finding keto-friendly sodas or to stick to sparkling water if you want something fizzy that is low-carb as well.

When it comes to alcohol, both publications suggest that it is best to just avoid it altogether, as it will push your body out of the necessary ketosis process it needs to be in for weight loss.