How Many Man V. Food Challenges Adam Richman Really Won

There's no question that Adam Richman has tried a lot of different foods throughout the four years he spent as the host of Man v. Food. From finishing a 72-ounce steak in under 30 minutes (via YouTube) to devouring a 190-pound "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger" between him and his fellow food competitors (via YouTube), Richman has participated in — and won — some pretty intense food challenges.

So, how did Richman manage to eat so much food in one sitting, especially during solo challenges? "There may have been some discomfort here and there, but I'd always prepare," Richman told The Guardian, reflecting on some of the tougher challenges he faced. "Usually I would do a cleanse after the challenge and then get right on the treadmill." Regardless of how much prep Richman did for each challenge, some of the tasks were just downright unrealistic — even for the most experienced food competitor. Which brings us to our next question: How many challenges did Adam Richman actually win on Man v. Food?

Adam Richman won more food challenges than he lost

As it turns out, Adam Richman has an impressive track record when it comes to successfully completing even the toughest food challenges. In an interview with Kiss FM UK, he estimated that he won about 65 to 67 percent of the time, noting that one of the most difficult challenges he faced was "The Doughman," where he and his teammates had to run, bike, and swim a total of 15 miles with stomachs full of food (via YouTube). (Spoiler: They all miraculously made it through without getting sick.)

Next Season TV backs up Richman's success estimate, noting that his "personal record was 37–22 (win-loss) in his food challenges. Combined with the team events in season four, the overall record stands at 48 wins for 'Man' and 38 wins for 'Food'." Some of Richman's most memorable victorious moments were being crowned the champion of eating a 10-pound stuffed pizza with just one second to spare, chomping down some of the hottest — if not the hottest — wings in the world (one bite equaling the spiciness of about 40 jalapeños), and scarfing down a two-gallon sundae.