How Long Does Blaze Pizza Actually Cook Its Pizzas?

A slice of pizza is serious business – we don't have to tell you pizza lovers how important toppings, sauce, and dough are! While you might think that this is where the magic happens, you might be shocked to hear that one of the biggest secrets is in the temperature and baking times. That's right: Mere seconds of oven time can make or break your pizza. If you've ever tried your hand at making pizza from scratch at home, then you probably have an idea of what we're talking about. But with establishments like Blaze Pizza, we can thankfully leave the pizza making to the professionals and focus on the art of pizza eating.

Setting the pizza world on fire, Blaze Pizza does more than just create a quick tasty pizza. There's actual science behind these delicious pizzas, which Zagat called "darn near perfect" (via Blaze Pizza), and that are cranked out of the oven like clockwork 

When science, art, and pizza become one

With a menu curated by critically acclaimed chef Brad Kent – also known as "the pizza whisperer," according to Blaze Pizza's website – and ingredients as fresh as they come, it only makes sense that the oven would be top tier, right? Absolutely! After all, this is where the magic happens. Using "authentic fire-deck" ovens fired up to as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit, Blaze Pizza employs precise timing and cooks pizzas for no longer than 180 seconds (three minutes), which is pretty convenient for hungry customers. Not to mention, Blaze Pizza is known for producing upwards of 200 pizzas an hour.

Although we can hear the loud scoffs coming from pizza aficionados everywhere due to the fast bake times, worry not, as each pizza is made to perfection at Blaze (or at least "darned near" it). Baked in a dash, the pizza's doneness all rests in the hands of the skilled Blaze oven workers who are specially trained to handle the heat and deliver sizzling results! Don't believe us? Just ask Lebron James - he'll tell you a thing or two about the almighty Blaze Pizza.