The Truth About Ora Beth Mika From Food Network's Easter Basket Challenge

The Food Network is providing a massive dose of entertainment to its fans these days. The mouth-watering channel is launching a new show inspired by Easter titled Easter Basket Challenge. As per the Food Network website, the show has a total of seven talented participants who are competing against each other for top honors on the show.

One of the competitors on the show is Ora Beth Mika, an experienced baker from San Anselmo, Calif. As per her LinkedIn profile, Mika has been working in the culinary space since 2010. Before that, the chef was in a completely different industry; she was a technician and researcher at Tissue Banks International. She majored in biology while pursuing her undergraduate degree from Dickinson College. 

As of February 2021, the chef is fully focused on her love for baking and spends all her time coming up with delectable desserts. Intrigued? Here's everything you need to know about the chef's culinary background. 

Ora Beth Mika dedicated her life to baking

Ora Beth Mika is the founder of Flour & Bloom Cakes, a company that focuses on providing its customers with customized cakes based on their personal preferences. According to the company's website, it's important for them to ensure that their cakes taste just right. A description on the site reads, "Although design is paramount, taste is always our first priority. Dessert is the finale to every party and your cake should taste as good as it looks."

Of course, an experienced baker like Ora Beth Mika found it interesting to be a part of the Easter Basket Challenge. She shared her thoughts on the show on Instagram, writing, "This was a crazy ride with lots of ups and downs but I can honestly say I am honored to call these amazing artists my friends." 

Are you excited to watch her in action on the show, yet?