What It's Really Like To Work In The Walmart Bakery

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the country with plenty of products that are meant for a variety of customers. It even has a well-stocked bakery with high-quality dessert options. According to the brand's official website, the team works really hard to maintain its standards which means that they're often conducting regular taste tests and pushing their limits while innovating and experimenting with new products at the store. 

But what is it like working at the bakery in such a unique environment? According to online reviews, it's a combination of good and bad things (via Indeed). It can be very stressful, or it can be a great learning experience. 

A former employee at Walmart wrote about their experience and said, "The pay was good. I would say it was a decent first job to have. Scheduling was a bit of a mess at times. Typical day would be to be in the bakery and stock, prepare, bake and package, or be on the deli slicers."

Curious? Here are more details on what it's like to work in the Walmart bakery.

Walmart bakers may need to brace themselves before each shift

Walmart has good things about the bakery shop gig. According to its official website, bakery associates can expect to work in a fast-paced but rewarding work environment.

A former employee who held down a brief position at Walmart wrote about their experience on Quora, explaining that there were both pros and cons attached to the job. The good part? Getting to experiment with cool stuff such as decorating cakes and cookies. They explained that the work itself was not very demanding, but the primary issue lay with the management at the company. They wrote, "The job itself was pretty easy. There was physical stuff like getting supplies from the back and getting them in the freezer, rotating stock on the floor, taking out the trash. Then the fun stuff: decorating cakes and cookies."

The former associate simply wished that they could have worked with a better manager who wasn't as aggressive or dominant. They explained that their manager often divided the staff members into different groups based on her preferences and treated them accordingly. 

Another former baker at the store praised the company on Glassdoor. They wrote that a job at the bakery is rewarding and added, "I was able to bake bread and also decorate cakes and help the customer with... the right orders and put [a] smile on customers' faces." Aww.