Over 40% Of People Agree This Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Impossible Burger

If you had told us ten years ago White Castle would be selling a fake meat version of its sliders on its regular menu, we probably wouldn't have believed you. We might even think to ourselves..."Impossible!" (Yup). Well, the plant-based meat product that's been taking our fast food chains by storm has so far proven its name wrong, and versions of the artificial meat patty have popped up everywhere from grocery stores' meat aisles to Shake Shack. But not all vegetarian meat patties are created equal.

So we decided to find out which company does it best. Mashed did an online survey of 656 people across the U.S. to choose which fast food restaurant they thought had the best Impossible burger. And according to social science (sort of), we have a definitive answer for you. There was really no competition here. So if you're vegetarian, veg-curious, or simply prefer plant-based options every now and then, you might want to go for the people's choice when it comes to best Impossible burger.

What the results revealed about Impossible burgers

In our run-down of some of the big name Impossibles out there: Burger King, Carl's Jr., White Castle, Shake Shack, BurgerFi, and "Other" (fill in the blank), Burger King took the crown with a whopping (sorry) 42.53 percent. No other burger even came close, but Shake Shack got a nod with 15.24 percent. Following Shake Shack was White Castle with 10.21 percent of votes, trailed by BurgerFi, which was 4.88 percent of respondents choice pick.

Burger King's Impossible Whopper, for the uninformed, is just a regular Whopper with the patty swapped out. It may not be totally vegetarian because of how it's cooked, according to TODAY, but Thrillist tells us it tastes a lot like the real thing. Whether or not that in itself is "good", we'll leave you to find out.

It's abundantly clear, however, that many people feel some sort of irrational rage toward any plant product masquerading as "meat." On some level, that's understandable — meat made in a lab can seem unnatural, for some. In fact, the "Other" category gained 17.38 percent of votes, most of which consisted of people complaining about how much they disliked fake meat burgers. Many commenters were even irate: "I ONLY EAT BEEF....NOT POISON FAKE S***," said one person who voluntarily took the survey. "None, They are garbage," said another. Impossible burgers were called gross, terrible, and even just a single puke emoji. We can't help but think that there's more going on here than just a simple food preference.