Aldi Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Gelato

Gelato has won dessert lovers over for generations thanks to this frozen treat's irresistible flavors and decadent textures. According to Food Network, gelato differs from its ice cream cousin thanks to its lack of eggs and larger amounts of milk content, warmer temperature, and less air, resulting in a creamy texture that compares to nothing else. If you have searched high and low for a gelato you love without making a trip to Italy, you might find your next favorite dessert at your local Aldi.

Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds recently discovered that Aldi now carries six different gelatos and after posting some mouthwatering pictures of the finds, we can't wait to dig in. They posted the photos alongside the caption, "Six Italian dessert options and they all sound wonderful. Gelato comes in Pistachio Biscotti, Chocolate Fudge Truffle, and Caramel Cookie Crunch for $3.99. The 2-pack ice cream cups come in Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Cappuccino for $3.49. Tap that heart [if] any of these sound good!"

Followers have taken notice and given the post over 2,000 likes alongside a flurry of positive replies. Glowing responses like, "Caramel cookie crunch sounds amazing" and "Wow WHAT a good deal for gelato!! And pistachio?!?!" These comments have gotten us pumped to pick up these flavors when we make our next grocery run.

A flavor for every gelato lover at Aldi's

If this post couldn't get you excited for Aldi's new gelato, more buzz on the other end of Instagram might change your tune. Instagrammer @theamazingaldi independently found these treats and posted pictures of the gelato with the comment, "Gelato is back at Aldi! Which one did you pick up?" Their post has raked in almost 1,500 likes, and a ton of excited replies, ranging from, "I had the chocolate fudge last week and it was amazing. Picked up the other two this week. Can't wait to try them!!" to "I got the Caramel cookie Crunch. It was so creamy and [a] great flavor. I was bad and added caramel sauce and whipped cream at home. GET SOME."

If this amount of buzz can't get you on your feet and out the door to pick up one or three cartons of this new gelato, nothing will. With all of this hype, you might have to fight over a few of the flavors and you don't want to get left out of this delicious new product that guarantees to win over the staunchest of ice cream snobs. Make sure to keep an eye out for this product in your area and grab some while you can!