Costco's Mini Pancakes Are Turning Heads

When you need a quick snack or want the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee, nothing hits the spot like a mini pancake. Even if you haven't seen these treats on store shelves, don't assume they don't have a storied history. Pancakes have graced tables for generations, and mini pancakes trace their origin to Dutch poffertjes, a small pancake used as communion hosts in a Dutch abbey (via Perfect Poffertjes). While you may not have tried the original form of this treat, Costco has a new offering that can transport you to Europe and give you a little taste of this historic sweet. 

Instagrammer @costcobuys recently discovered that Costco had begun selling this special snack, and posted the caption, "These delicious mini pancakes are BACK at my Costco! I love these, they're so yummy! ($7.99)" alongside a picture of the mini pancakes. The post has collected almost 2,500 likes and people can't get enough of this item. A range of positive comments have flooded the post, ranging from, "They are convenient to have, I cook sausage patties and make them into a [sandwich] with these, sometimes with a fried egg too" to "These are like between pancake and cake. They are great little snacks."

The perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth

These shelf-stable mini pancakes can please anyone looking for a new snack, and according to the post, even come imported from France. For those of us worried we might not get the chance to pick up a bag of these, it looks like this product might stick around, albeit sporadically. According to Delish, the product made an appearance back in August 2020, and featured the same great taste wrapped up in the current version of the treat. 

With a bit of luck, we can expect these mini pancakes to stick around and enter a seasonal rotation, serving up comfort whenever we need a quick pick-me-up. For a taste sensation like no other, make a beeline to your local Costco and pick up a snack that can keep you moving through the day and send your tastebuds straight to Europe. Grab a pack of these treats to see what has created so much buzz and indulge a bit in your new favorite treat.