People Can't Stop Talking About Kroger's Fancy New Ice Cream Flavors

Let's be honest, ice cream is the ultimate comfort food. Had a bad day? Ice cream. Celebrating something? Ice cream. Have a serious sweet tooth? Ice cream. You get the idea. 

That said, we just need to talk about the fact that Kroger just released four new limited-edition ice cream flavors that are perfect for any occasion –– and they're super fancy-sounding. Seriously, make room in your freezer, because these new additions are pretty wild (but, like, in a really good way).

If you're familiar with Kroger, you're probably already aware that they make some pretty intriguing ice cream flavors, like Amaretto Cherry Cordial, Maine Blueberry Cheesecake, Churro, and Wildberry Lavender. So, it's no surprise that they're throwing a few more unusual (but delicious as always) flavors into the mix. To find these new additions, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for their Private Selection brand in the grocery store.

And the new flavors are...

That said, let's move onto the flavor reveals you've been waiting for. First up, we have the pints: Orange Blossom & Olive Oil and Strawberry Champagne. (Remember when we said these flavors would be fancy? Yes? Just checking.) The former is made with olive oil ice cream and orange blossom caramel swirls (via an Instagram post by food news account @CandyHunting), while the strawberry champagne is made with pink strawberry ice cream, "a glittering champagne ribbon, and rosé fizzing rocks," according to Kroger's product site.

Next up are the 1.5-quart containers. It's hard to argue there's ever a time that Cannoli- and Butterscotch Blondie-flavored ice creams don't deserve to take up some space in your freezer –– no matter how big their containers are. The Cannoli flavor holds true to its name and tastes like cannoli-flavored ice cream topped off with bits of chocolate-coated cannoli shells, while the Butterscotch Blondie flavor is made with sweet cream ice cream, butterscotch swirls, and has some blondie pieces mixed in. So, anyone up for an impromptu ice cream run?