What It's Really Like To Work At Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market was first started in 2002 in a bid to offer natural food products to customers, who were looking for alternative shopping options in a burgeoning market full of competitive players. According to a description on its official website, the brand doesn't like to compromise on its core mission even if it means not selling popular brand names in its stores. "People thought we were crazy when we wouldn't sell the country's top-selling sodas, snacks and candy," the description reads. "But we believed that eating clean and living healthy was more than just a trend. At Sprouts, it's our passion."

In case you're wondering what it's like to work at Sprouts Farmers Market, well, we have an answer for you: you'll be interested to know that it's a mixed bag. The company focuses on recruiting staff members who are willing to go beyond their job titles and do what it takes to make their customers happy. Read on for all the details.

It can be both good and bad

As far as working at Sprouts Farmers Market is concerned, it's important to remember that things aren't quite black and white. The company has a 3.1 rating on Indeed and has received a variety of reviews from its former employees. As one commentator wrote, "Management is a joke, they don't listen to complaints and [they] pressure workers to come in even if sick or you will get points until termination and then tell other employers you were a bad employee."

Another reviewer on Quora mentioned that it was a difficult ordeal for them. They wrote, "It is the worse place to work. They cut hours to the point you can barely pay your insurance. They won't hire enough people so you are forced to do two to three jobs, then get written up if you don't finish." Uh-oh. 

However, another former employee mentioned in their Indeed review that the company had a positive working environment and that it helped them pick up new skills on the job.