The Truth About Damaris Phillips' Marriage

Chef and TV personality Damaris Phillips is an incredible woman. According to her website, she's managed to rack up a number of achievements throughout her career including being a part of the cooking show Food Network Star in 2013. She won the show by showcasing her unique take on Southern cuisine

But Phillips' passion for cooking isn't new, as it's been with her for as long as she can remember. She was a part of a big family growing up, and would take on the responsibility of cooking a delicious family meal once a week.

Phillips also has an incredible support system at home. Her husband, radio presenter Darren Wood, often accompanies her on adventures as the duo navigate the world of food together. Phillips can often be seen experimenting with food on Instagram as her husband provides his honest input and cheers her on, making it a win-win situation for the couple. Still, there's one interesting tidbit about the couple that you aren't familiar with, though. Keep on reading for more details.

She made some changes for her husband

As pointed out by the Food Network, while Phillips loves her meat dishes, her husband follows a strict vegetarian lifestyle. In fact, when the couple got married in 2015, they choose to completely avoid meat during their wedding festivities, serving alternative dishes like hummus sandwiches, vibrant-looking salads, and more. Hardcore fans will also recall that the chef even wrote a book in 2017 called Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy.

Phillips has been vocal about experimenting with her cooking in a bid to prepare vegetarian dishes for her husband, which has been a journey in itself. She once said, "When you go to culinary school they don't teach you to make these recipes." As a description on her website explains, her husband is an ethical vegetarian which required her to tweak her cooking style. The good part? She was wildly successful in the process and her book features 100 recipes that are perfect for those who prefer a meatless lifestyle.