This Was The First Dish Food Network Host Valerie Bertinelli Ever Made

Celebrity chef and TV show personality Valerie Bertinelli is an accomplished chef, known for being an exceptional talent in the kitchen. But the celeb is also refreshingly down to earth, and often emphasizes that she wants her fans to relate to her and not feel like her world is too different from theirs. She is passionate about sharing her most cherished recipes, tips, and personal stories with her many fans around the globe.  

The star is straightforward about her mission, too. According to Bertinelli, her website is a place "where you can come when you're looking for a recipe, an entire meal, or need inspiration and ideas. You might also find a conversation I've had with a familiar chef, a cool regional dish or product I stumbled upon and loved, cooking tips, lifestyle and personal care suggestions, or just a laugh or a story, the way you would turn to a trusted friend."

On that note, aren't you curious to dig a little deeper into this legendary chef's background? Read on for interesting glimpses into Valerie Bertinelli's kitchen and life. 

Valerie Bertinelli's first dish was lasagna

Everyone starts somewhere, including legendary chefs like Valerie Bertinelli. For those not in the know, the chef was actually an actor who decided to switch careers to pursue cooking (via Closer Weekly), a passion of hers since childhood. As Bertinelli explained, "I've been in front of the camera since I was 12 years old [but] I have been cooking longer than I have been acting." She added that she was never quite at ease as an actor and enjoys cooking a lot more.

Part of what pushed Bertinelli to embrace food early on in life was her family, who often allowed her to observe as they cooked. And those early days watching family members cook is how she made the very first meal of her life -  a comforting plate of lasagna. According to the Food Network, the chef is personally quite fond of the dish and was probably a tween when she made her first meal. Bravo!