What Hell's Kitchen Winner Dave Levey Is Doing Now

One of the most competitive and popular shows on the planet, Hell's Kitchen, has enthralled fans for many years. And what's more, the Gordon Ramsay led show is responsible for giving priceless opportunities to many talented chefs who've grown by leaps and bounds, after their participation on the series. One such chef is Dave Levey, who was a part of season six and managed to win everyone over with his charm and extraordinary talent (via Screen Rant). Levey was also crowned the winner of show and given the grand cash prize of $250,000, coupled with a chance to be a part of Araxi Restaurant & Bar in Whistler, British Columbia. However, his path to success on the show wasn't easy. 

He hurt his wrist during the competition but didn't give up, participating in the challenges with his other arm, making an impression against all odds. Levey said winning the show was a dream and he was in shock when it happened, according to Fandom. "I've been in so much pain for so many weeks and I had to fight so hard to stay in the competition," he explained. "But I wouldn't change anything. This is the most important thing that's happened to me in my life." If you're curious to know what happened to him after his stint on the show, here's what you need to know.

Here's what Dave Levey has been up to since Hell's Kitchen

As explained by Screen Rant, while Levey originally thought that he would be working as a head chef at Araxi Restaurant & Bar, he was told that this wasn't the case and he'd be a line cook instead. This didn't go down well with him and he chose to eventually let go of the position after working there for a year, heading to his hometown, Chester, N.J.

He is not very active on social media and has kept his life under wraps. However, he still occasionally posts pictures about food on his Instagram, like a delicious looking roasted tomato shiitake flatbread he made. It's believed that he works at Mara's Café & Bakery, in Denville, N.J. and has been thriving as a baker there (Screen Rant). Levey is also passionate about garnering new experiences and shared his experiences of hiking the legendary Appalachian Trail. Looks like he's still up for having new experiences.