What MasterChef Winner Dorian Hunter Is Doing Now

Celebrity chef Dorian Hunter delighted viewers with her stint on the tenth season of the popular show, MasterChef. According to RealityTvVisited, Hunter managed to impress the judges with her final dish on the show: a scrumptious meal with scallops, lemon blueberry tart, and short rib. Her plans post-show were ambitious: she wished to improve her cooking skills further and work with the judges from the show, as well as write her cookbook and open her own eatery. 

According to Hunter's website, cooking was always fascinating to her and she was raised to appreciate the art of coming up with new and innovative dishes in the kitchen. As an adult, she took her love for cooking one step further and studied culinary arts at McIntosh College in Dover, New Hampshire before her stint with MasterChef.

After winning MasterChef, Hunter was gifted a grand sum of $250,000 (via Parade), a kitchen set, and a chance to work under three renowned chefs: Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich. Here's what she's been up to post her win.

Hunter is quite ambitious

Chef Hunter remains as ambitious as ever. She's been interacting with her fans by being a part of cooking and networking events while working on her cookbook. Hunter's website also highlights the fact that she intends to support cancer research groups in order to do her part. Hunter lost her mom to cancer in 2017 and has been vocal about the cause ever since. She also moonlights as a content creator and often posts her updates on Instagram, sharing photos of irresistible dishes with her fans.

Hunter remains passionate about connecting with her fans in as many ways as she can. For example, she hosted a Valentine's Day-inspired cooking class for home chefs, teaching them how to make a delicious dessert from the comfort of their homes; she also guided students through cooking meals like whitefish and beef. Perfect, isn't it? Hunter is also keeping herself busy by regularly cooking yummy food for private events.