The Surprisingly Fancy Secret Room At This Burger King Location

Burger King has seen its share of weirdness over the years. While the chain has released some truly strange menu items, like their bacon sundae or their Whopperito, their locations present some surprises you might not expect. According to Cracked, a Burger King location in Pittsburgh went rogue and slowly devolved into one of the sketchiest burger joints you could ever lay your eyes on, serving fries out of dixie cups and requiring a security guard to operate on the premises. The brand's restaurant locations truly run the gamut, and on the opposite end of the luxury spectrum lies a secret chamber in a Welsh Burger King fit for royalty. 

According to The Sun, an unassuming Burger King in Cardiff hides a secret room, dubbed "The Mahogany Room," in the back of the restaurant behind a door marked "no entry." While the public can't enter this room, it's a sight to behold — the off-limits chamber features walls paneled in mahogany, a grand fireplace, and stained glass windows depicting St. George and the dragon. This historic wing of the Burger King location traces its origin back to at least 1720, when the location opened as the Green Dragon Public House and the room served as a meeting place for ship owners and councilors.

A truly historic Burger King location

The Mahogany Room has stood the test of time and made it through multiple renovations. According to The Sun, the room kept up appearances when the original public house changed hands and became a bar in 1905. In the 1960s, the location became a gas showroom and later turned into a Burger King. The location comes listed as a Grade II building, a common protected historic site that requires special permission to renovate (via Historic England). This room helps us glimpse into the past — if anyone can access it. According to The Sun, customers can't use the room, but town meetings occasionally take place in the storied chamber, and employees use the room for meetings once in a while.

If you want a glimpse of this high-class Burger King room, you might need to score a job at this particular Wales location or become a city councilor first. For the rest of us, we can keep dreaming of the day when our local burger joints can upgrade to decor this stunning. In the meantime, we can keep our eyes peeled for more oddities that Burger King plans to throw our way.