How Much BurgerFi Employees Actually Make

Fast food chain BurgerFi is a revered fast-food brand that prides itself on the quality of ingredients in its dishes. As far as BurgerFi is concerned, nothing less than high-quality beef will do. Whether you're at the restaurant to treat yourself to a delectable hamburger or dig into a plate of fries, you're likely to find something that works for you at Burger Fi. 

When it comes to its employees, BurgerFi believes in providing a work environment that allows its staff members to take advantage of several perks such as paid time off, flexible shifts, training programs, health coverage, and more. The brand claims, "We have a fun, promote-from-within culture that celebrates and supports you, at every step in your career. We work hard and we work together, to ensure a winning team!"

As far as salaries at BurgerFi go, here's what employees can expect from the company. Here's a heads-up: it's a mixed bag.

The range is varied

While line cooks get paid $10.84 every hour at BurgerFi, cashiers receive around $9.39 at hour. Meanwhile, customer service associates are paid $10.01 and crew members make $8.88 each hour (via Indeed). Basically, as a general overview, team managers make around $16,500 annually while general managers get somewhere around $54,676 per year. 

The numbers are similar on GlassdoorAccording to the website, cashiers get around $9 an hour while grill cooks make $9 to $11 every hour. All in all, it's not a bad deal. As far as what it's like on the ground at BurgerFi, a former staff member at one of their locations wrote that they were happy with the pay but found the work very demanding. "Super manageable...everyone here is welcoming," they wrote on Glassdoor. "Pay is pretty decent but it does get super busy here and is stressful when we are low staffed, but other than that good place."