Anthony Mackie Told Hot Ones He Wants To Star In These Types Of Shows

Gastronomy is a big part of Anthony Mackie's life. In 2011, after opening his own bar in New York City, Mackie played both bartender and chef to its patrons. The menu was "100 percent my recipes," he bragged to Grub Street at the time. "Like, for my barbecue meatballs in pita-pockets, I do a blend of meat. I don't just do ground beef or ground turkey, and it's my own homemade barbecue sauce with honey, and other things I won't tell you. Oh, and yeah, it's five bucks." But by 2016, the Marvel actor had moved back to his hometown, New Orleans (via Bloomberg). The fish and the food scene called him home.

We were excited, then, to watch the foodie on a recent episode of Hot Ones. What took you so long, Sean Evans? Of course, Mackie told some of the best Hot One's anecdotes we've heard thus far in 2021. Like the time Mackie was shooting Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, went fishing and, to his PA's horror caught a five-foot-long alligator gar (which Mackie describers as a "pike but with the face of an alligator"). And of course, Mackie gave us the best gossip. Case in point: have you heard what kind of TV shows that Mackie is longing to star in? 

Anthony Mackie wants to do reality TV

Mackie may make a great Falcon, but acting in blockbuster Hollywood movies hasn't captured the entirety of his heart. "I literally used to watch HGTV all the time, still, and I've always wanted to do like a cooking show, and a home improvement show, and wellness show and put them all together," Mackie told Sean Evans on Hot Ones. "Just HGTV, ESPN, and Food Network, that's all I watch." Did we mention that when Mackie opened his bar, he built most of the furniture himself (via The New York Times)? 

We're just spitballing here, but we're thinking a cross between Chopped (perhaps where all the baskets ingredients are wellness-based) and Fixer Upper. On the other hand, if Mackie wanted to go in the direction of Giada at Home, perhaps he could teach us how to make his barbecue meatballs in pita pockets? Or maybe even raccoon over spaghetti, which, apparently, he swears by (via People).