This Is How Long Cabbage Actually Lasts In The Fridge

Let's be real: Cabbage does not get the credit it deserves. It is one of those vegetables that is too often overlooked for other, trendier greens. Yet, those other greens tend to go rotten after a short period of time (via Cedar Circle Farm), leaving consumers frustrated after they are forced to throw away recently purchasing food. (Trust us, we've been there.)

So, what's the solution? Cabbage! According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, cabbage can be safely stored in the fridge for longer than most other vegetables — lasting a minimum of three weeks and to up to two months. If you're able, try to store the product in a hydrator drawer or root cellar, as those conditions can lengthen cabbage's life even further. 

As Healthline writes, the vegetable also contains enormous health benefits, including a high amount of nutrients and Vitamin C, improvements to digestion, lower blood pressure, and a reduction in chronic inflammation. Cabbage is also incredibly low in calories, with only 22 calories in one cup of the raw veg and 33 in cooked (via Old Farmer's Almanac)! We are officially putting it on next week's grocery list.

Using and storing cabbage

This may come as a shock to cabbage newbies, but cabbage is actually an extremely versatile ingredient! Whether in soup, salad, or coleslaw, this vegetable can do it all. Cedar Circle Farm recommends waiting to wash your cabbage until you are prepared to use it. Even if your cabbage has a copious amount of outer leaves, make sure to leave them on in order to protect the inner leaves and help retain moisture. This allows the more tender inner leaves to last longer before spoiling.

Now we are ready to cook. Cedar Circle Farm suggests simply steaming your cabbage for five to seven minutes and garnishing with salt, butter, pepper, and perhaps some grated cheese — sounds delicious! Cabbage also pairs well with peppers and onions for a yummy sauté or stir fry, and can be chopped up and cooked with onions to dress up mashed potatoes. Most of us know that lettuce wraps are an easy way to cut carbs, but why not replace that tortilla or roll with cabbage instead? It seems that the options are endless, and so is the life of a cabbage.